Nationality Classroom

Finnish Room Committee / Finlandia Foundation Pittsburgh Chapter

Happy New Year to all! Here is a brief update on the Finnish Nationality Classroom project.

Our architect has been working on the final design and has provided the following computer generated pictures, which give a realistic idea of how to room will look. The left view is from the front hall. The center view is looking toward the front of the room and the right view is looking towards the back. The floor and ceiling plan drawings are at the end of this article.

Please note that there are still several small details which do not show in these pictures. Displayed items will be in the showcases on the right wall which appear as windows. We’re still open for ideas of what else could be added in the room.

New teaching methods use computers and a video screen simultaneously, so the teacher can move around in the classroom. A teacher’s table (not shown) will be placed in the front. It is still under discussion as to how best to arrange seating so that all students have an unobscured view, regardless where they’re sitting.

The busy days of Christmas and New Year are now behind and we do not have time to waste, so let’s make a quick start to find support from all directions to get the needed money to have this Nationality Classroom done and opened so that it will be in use on December 6, 2017, the 100th Independence Day of Finland. Now all of you are called to duty. Every individual should become an activist in this project and start his/her own campaign to help raise funds.

In order to have the room completed by December 6, 2017, we need a special focus on the fundraising. Presently, we have about $130,000, however, which is not nearly enough to complete this project.

Donating to the Finnish Room is easy. Our account is listed as a dedicated construction fund and it can not be used for any other purposes. You can find information on how to make a donation at

Please join us, share your opinions, and let us know how you can help with this project. We’d love to hear from you.